Pink Heaven is a retail and commercial food service bakeshop, bistro and commissary offering quality baked products and innovative food dishes at a reasonable price which keeps customers stay loyal and supportive of the homegrown brand.

It also offers excellent service with the goal of taking care of customers every day, one customer at a time.
It is an attempt and realization to bring together the best of everything in the food industry. Pink Heaven brings together heirloom dishes from the different heritages, food inspired by travels locally and abroad, and many other inspirations and serve them with a genuine smile and gratitude as any family would to any guest.

Some of its unique and signature products include homemade Sans Rival, Longganisa Pasta, Pink Heaven Ribs, Mango Malunggay Smoothie, Mango Heaven and Ube Jam. With its professional commissary situated in Welbros Suites, Rabaya St., Talisay City undergoing GMP accreditation, the quality and safety of the products offered have passed quality control and standards.

Opening Hours: 10AM – 9PM


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