About Our Company

Bizhero is an end-to-end digital marketing agency based in Cebu that aims to help small business owners promote their business through Social media marketing and a hybrid local listing directory.

We have two services: Bizhero Creatives and Bizhero Directory.

Bizhero Creatives include business branding, social media management, advertising, photography, and videography. The goal is to help businesses build a strong branding and social media presence. We also manage digital marketing for events such as Go Race Cebu, Cebu Food and Wine Festivals, Food Crawls, etc.

Bizhero Directory, on the other hand, is a hybrid local listing directory that allows customers to search and find a list of businesses per category. We cover four (4) categories: Food, Travel, Products, and Services.

Before the end of the year, we will launch our eCommerce and booking reservation functionality where customers can check out and choose delivery options for food and products and pay, book, and reserve travel accommodations and services.

We have been helping small business owners and have helped promote events locally and internationally.

Guided by our values of transparency, accountability, hard work, and innovation, we believe that we can help 10,000 businesses flourish through digital marketing by 2025.