Frequently Asked Questions

How to list my business?
To list your business, you need to first create an account. An email will be sent to you for verification. Once done, you will be redirected to a dashboard where you can create a store and then create a listing.

How to add my products?
From the store that you created, there is an option to add products. Simply click on that and fill in with your product name, description, category and upload your product photos.

Do I need to have a registered business to be listed in your directory?
No need for you to have a registered business to add a listing. We only require DTI or SEC registration if you want your listing to be verified.

What does it mean if my business is verified?
A verified business listing or store adds more credibility to you as a seller. Since part of the requirement is your DTI or SEC Business Registration, then a verified business listing means that you are legally registered in the Philippines, you are legit and credible.

Is this really for free?
Yes. Listing your business is totally for free. No monthly payments or other hidden chargers. However, Bizhero will get a commission per transaction. Which means that, everytime a customer buys your product through the Bizhero platform, Bizhero will get a minimal commission fee based on the product price.

How many products am I allowed to list?
You can list as many products as you can. :)

What categories can I list in your business?
You can list any businesses about food, travel, product and services.

How to contact customer service?
You may contact us at or

How to create a store?
Once you have a verified account, simply go to the dashboard and from there you will see the CREATE A STORE button. Click on that and answer all the required fields and upload your logo and products.

How many stores can I create?
You can create as many stores as you can. Just make sure they are not redundant for the users.