“Dili Ni Buwad”
Guaranteed fresh straight from the island to your home!
For faster transactions, please give us a DIRECT MESSAGE. we have different details because our branches are located at different locations and we have a long price list.

1.) Danggit labtingaw ₱400/pack around 9-12pcs regular size no less than 400gms
*We also have small 12-18pcs & big 6-8pcs by request all no less than 400gms

2.) Katambak labtingaw ₱400/pack around 3-4pcs

3.) Anduhaw labtingaw ₱400/pack around 3-4pcs

4.) Squid labtingaw ₱500/pack 2-5pcs depending on size

5.) Lapu2x labtingaw ₱600/pack 2-4pcs

6.) Spicy danggit 430/pack

7.) Spicy nokos ₱530/pack

8.) NEW Garlicky danggit Labtingaw 450/pack

All are 1 kg when fresh but
weight varies after we debone, clean, remove the gills & gut and semi-dry it.

👉🏼Binisaya Bola2 ni yaya dels is ₱150 for 12 large Pork bolabola

👉🏼Mama ingking’s beef kusahos ₱380/ pack 220gms of premium dried beef


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