The Little Giant is a pet name given by a husband to his wife. She loves being in the kitchen making delicious delicacies for her family. Now, the Little Giant is sharing her delicacies to the world to bond everyone with every bite.
Years back when letters were the form of communication, a man would write letters to his sweetheart. Not too long ago, his child finds these letters addressed to The Little Giant. He then explained, the Little Giant was his sweetheart turned wife and now a mom. He called her the Little Giant because she was small in stature and he was taller than her. But she was a giant, because she was big on her dreams. Her dream was to make delicacies and to start a family, so then she and her husband moved in a humble home in Cebu which is at a corner of a residential area. Hence, the Little Giant’s Corner is actually a home and ohana (family).
Little Giant’s Corner is a family united in love and we hope that families, in the Philippines, and even overseas get together too as one with our delicacies and will be reminded of the only Love that sticks.

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