My personal intention of creating this small business of mine started because of my imaginative thought of hoping to meet someone in the future. And as a teen, I had that feeling of what does it feel to be in love because I was and still am hopeless romantic and is waiting for the right person to come in time. Then on 23rd of May 2021, La Artisan commerce. It was first a hobby and a personal thing to do of creating cards for someone special. Then a friend asked me if I could make his mom’s 25th silver wedding invitation cards and without hesitation I took the offer and La Artisan was born.
La Artisan offers personalized/customized love letters, greeting cards, and invitation cards such occasion as wedding, birthday, and debut events. Highlighting it’s classic and unique design while utilizing with local pressed flowers, quality paper products such as Fedrigoni paper and Fabriano both are Italian brands and Prestige Papers which is from the Philippines. Another is its exquisite seal wax. La Artisan’s purpose is to be a part of the couple’s special day just by serving them the passion and creativity of the owner laid into the invitation cards and make them feel exceptional. In addition, as proved La Artisan became a bridge to connect two souls. Lovers would be able to write their emotions and intentions they wanted to say. Which sometimes we cannot find the words to say so write them in papers. Another purpose of La Artisan is to bring back to life love letters to reveal people or couple’s desire towards their partner. La Artisan would always welcome and is glad to help you our dear customers.

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