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Originally created in 1993, the company was curtained to complement the cleaning & maintenance requirements of various customers of Cebu and nearby cities. Tasked by its competent management group to become market leaders in the cleaning & sanitation industry be it for services and supplies for all types of homes, offices, factories, and state of the art clean rooms which have already made its growing presence in the Philippines.
Today, Cleaning Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is operating independently, and a member of EVO Group of Companies which is backed with the product, training, and expertise of several big foreign partners from all across the globe. Partners like 3M, Klenco, Rubbermaid, Malstar, Victor, and many more are dedicated to the industry of custodial cleaning and solution, chemical solvents and solutions, and janitorial equipment ranging from household to large scale operations.
Manufacturer of Singapore-formulated Chemicals
3M Cleaning Chemicals Distributor
3M Nomad Matting Distributor
3M Hand Pads & Floor Pads Distributor
Klenco Cleaning Equipment Distributor
Exclusive Victor Polisher Distributor
Rubbermaid Products
Ettore Window & Floor Squeegees
Malstar Dispensers


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