New Tourist Destinations in Cebu in 2021

Traveling is an experience, a feeling, and a life lesson. It gives you a sense of belongingness and peace with yourself and your soul. Are you ready to explore the different tourist destinations in Cebu?

To help us find the inner peace we all looking for, some businesses open resorts, hotels, mountain views and etc.ย 

These businesses opened just last year and some of this might not yet known to many.

Here are our Top 6 Newly Opened Tourist Destinations in Cebu.

6. Tambayan sa Cang-Ara

๐Ÿ“ Sitio Upper Bong-Bongon, Brgy. Looc, Ginatilan, Cebu (South)


๐Ÿ“ž 0945-967-4039

๐Ÿ“ท @kreyleย 


For as low as Php 20 as entrance fee, you can get to visit this quite, fresh. and peaceful place in Ginatilan, the Tambayan sa Cang-ara.


Tambayan sa Cang-ara is a mountain view destination that entails a bit of hiking. This place is good for people who want to keep fit, try a thrilling experience, watch the mountain view, nature-lover, and *of course* take Instagram-worthy pictures.


Thereโ€™s more to do here in Tambayan sa Cang-ara, you and your loved ones can have videoke sessions for Php 100/hr and avail tent for Php 200/tent.


To get there, from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, take a (Ceres) bus bound for Bato via Barili. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Ginatilan and ride a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to โ€œTambayan sa Cang-Araโ€.


Yes, hiking would be tiring but once you get on the mountain views, the rewarding scenery is magical.

Tambayan sa Cang-Ara destinations in Cebu

5. Nelmonโ€™s Farm

๐Ÿ“ย  Dakit, Bili, Borbon, Cebu

๐Ÿ“Œย  Facebookย 

๐Ÿ•ย  8am-5pm daily

๐Ÿ“ž 0929 097 0507


Everyone is stressed out with work, with school, or with the ongoing pandemic, we all need a break. Go feel the sun and feel the raw beauty in the world, the magical Nelmonโ€™s Banwa.


If you are feeling down or tired with everything, you should visit this new tourist destination that has unique Banwa-feels.ย 


For as low as Php 30, you could have a good spot to unwind and see the breathtaking nature view.ย 


Yes, it is now open for visitors and tourists but a reminder to everyone, the farm is still under construction. It looks like they are planning for an infinity pool and hanging bridge very soon, making our experience even better.

Nelmonโ€™s Farm destinations in Cebu

4. Enchanted Mountain Cebu

๐Ÿ“ Brgy. Lumbang, Dalaguete, southern Cebuย 


๐Ÿ“ž0967 895 8146


This resort depicts a fantasy-themed feels that has a creative castle for rooms and a pool in front.


Yes, there is a swimming pool but what makes this resort more enchanting is you can wander around and see colors everywhere with huge statues and colorful figures.


As for rates, Php 150/adult and Php 75/child 7-year old below (daily use). For cottages, Flower Cabana is Php500/day good for 6pax, Leaf Cabana is Php 500/day, good for 6pax, and Leaf Cabana (big) is Php 900, good for 16pax.

For people who prefer rooms, they also have room rates:ย 

Castle Roomsย 

  1. Xierafyna A – โ‚ฑ900/night (good for 2)
  2. Abriana – โ‚ฑ3,500/night (good for 3)
  3. Aitana – โ‚ฑ3,000/night (good for 2)
  4. Alexandra – โ‚ฑ4,500/night (good for 4)
  5. Angela – โ‚ฑ3,000/night (good for 2)
  6. Xierafyna B – โ‚ฑ2,000/night (good for 2)

Themed Rooms

  1. Carrot Room, Dragon Room, Pumpkin Room, Tomato Room โ€“ โ‚ฑ3,000/night (good for 2)
  2. Cave Room โ€“ โ‚ฑ7,000/night (good for 4-6)
  3. Stonehouse 1 โ€“ โ‚ฑ5,500/night Loft Type (good for a family of 6)
  4. Stonehouse 2 โ€“ โ‚ฑ6,000/night Loft type (good for a family of 6)

Be magical in this enchanting resort.

tourist destinations in Cebu

3. Pescadores Seaview Suites

๐Ÿ“ Francisco Road Basdiot 6032 Moalboal



Letโ€™s head to the south and visit this new staycation!


These tourist destinations in Cebu is truly best for people who want more adventure because itโ€™s near Oslob whale shark watching, Osmeรฑa Peak Tour, island hopping, and Kawasan falls.


Room rates include Superior Room – P2750/night (good for 3), Deluxe Room – P2550/night (good for 3), Garden Standard – P1950/night (good for 4), Garden Villa – P2550/night, Garden View – Villa 1&4 (4), Villa 2&3 (3), Executive Standard –ย  P1950/night (good for 3), Executive Delux – P3650/night (good for 5), VIP Suite – P6550/night (good for 5)


This new staycation makes us travel more and feels better.

Pescadores Seaview Suites destinations in cebu

2. La Valle

๐Ÿ“ Pansoy, Sogod, Cebu



How to book?

First, message them to check available dates. Secondly, choose your date of stay. Third, send us a copy of your valid ID. Fourth, pay through Gcash or BPI account. Paying in cash on-site is highly discouraged. And lastly, you’ll get a confirmation once everything is settled.


Before booking your appointments, make sure you read all the notes and policies of La Valle.


What you will see and experience in La Valle would be infinity swimming pool kiddie/dipping pool, 4 double size beds, a full functioning kitchen, outdoor restrooms only, sun longers & deck, unlimited videoke, spacious camping area, outdoor gazebo tent, and more upcoming cool amenities.


For the rates, a staycation is worth Php5,000 in which 2-6 adults are allowed age ranging from 13 years old and above with 4 children allowed age ranging from 12 years old and below.


For Get Together rate, 8 adults and 6 children for Php6,000.

Excess adults would cost Php500/head and children would cost Php250.00


Who’s ready to feel at home away from your home?

La Valle destinations in Cebu

1. Buntod Campbar

๐Ÿ“ Taรฑaรฑas San Fernando, Cebu



Photos Ray Robinson Gonzaga


Speaking of new destinations, this destination is very much anticipated because of its exquisite view of San Fernando’s beautiful ridges. You can bring your family and friends to camp, chill, and make the best out of your lives.


The entrance fee without camping is Php50/head, the entrance fee with camping is Php150/head and tents are Php200.


There will be 20% off for groups if they have 5 members. As of now, they are only accepting 6 groups of campers with 5 maximum members each.


To be guided, there are only limited rentable tents and that is on a first-come, first-serve basis. One tent is good for 4 and 2 tents are good for 2.ย 


It may sound like a challenge or dismay to some but these tourist destinations in Cebu is the best place for people who really want peace of mind, away from the bustling city and social media. Because there is no electricity in the area, if you wish, you can bring your portable source of power.


As for the food, as of this moment, there are “chichirya” and soft drinks available here so you can bring your own food

Buntod Campbar destinations in cebu



If you are considering to travel during the pandemic, take precautionary measures to protect yourself from COVID 19.


Before you travel, consider checking if the area is not crowded, polluted, or has several COVID cases.


After all, we want a relaxing getaway away from all 2020 had given us.

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