Best Cebu Local Businesses That We Didn’t Think We Need

Humans as we are, we keep on looking for ways to make our lives better and a lot easier. Let’s take a look at the affordable Cebu local businesses products.


The BIZHERO team curated these products from the Cebu local businesses that we could make use of for our everyday lives as gifts for our loved ones, and most especially as a support to our small local businesses who put their heart into these items.


Whether you have heard of them or not, these might be the least expected but most useful products from local businesses that you never knew you needed.


Here are the 8 Best Local products from local businesses that we didn’t think we need:

Handcrafted storage baskets and planters Cebu local business

8. Handcrafted storage baskets and planters from Sisbiz_Home


There is nothing compared to handcrafted objects; they are unique, well done, and with full dedication. These storage baskets and planters can turn messy objects into one space for papers, clothes, wires, and all kinds of objects both necessary and unnecessary.


Sizbiz_Home builds this business to advertise environmentally friendly products with enough resistance, lightness and strongness, affordability, as well as high quality.


Other products available here are Kalo pouch, round carpet, tote with cover, oval tray set, tissue rectangle box set, and many more.


You can never go wrong with these products from Sisbiz_Home because they can be used for storage and at the same time decorations as it goes well with any atmosphere.

Cardholders Cebu local business

7. Card holders from This is your Sign



Cards and IDs are most likely present in our wallets all the time. Some people find it a hassle because it creates bulge and heaviness to our wallets most especially when put into our pockets.


This is why some people opt to use cardholders. It could carry your driver’s license, credit cards, id, store cards, as well as your other things without the feeling of heaviness.


This is your sign sells items that could help us make our lives a lot easier with their cardholders, coin purse, zip card wallet, round pouch, key holders gift box, clear pouch, and many more.


Plus, they personalized these items for you because they want to remind us that our names are made especially for us so let’s be reminded of the things we own.


Native Coco Spoon and Fork Cebu local business

6. Native Coco Spoon and Fork from Cebu Eco Fix



Cebu Eco Fix is eco-warriors promoting a low-waste mindset. Most of their products are eco-friendly, safe, as well as stylish. 


Native Coco Spon and Forks are some of the things we didn’t think we need most especially in this challenging time, so we have to be extra careful with using other people’s things.


Besides ensuring your safety, native coco spoon and fork also ensure the safety of our earth.


They sell gift sets, masks, cutlery, vegan soaps, tanaman, cloth pads, coco pots, face masks, tumblers, beeswax wraps,  bamboo holder, etc.


The best thing about buying from them is part of their proceeds goes to Clean Up Cebu. So, they need your support.


You have helped three valuable things in life: small local business, the earth, and yourself.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Cebu local business

5. Himalayan Salt Lamps from Himalay Salt Lamps Cebu



No one should take Himalayan salt lamps for granted. It is carved out of pink Himalayan salt and is believed to have various health benefits.


Himalayan Salt Lamps is one of the Cebu local businesses that should be present for individuals who are having a hard time sleeping, extremely exhausted, and in need of peace of mind.


Salt lamps advocate claims that it cleans the air in your room, soothe allergies, boost your mood, and help you sleep. And, it can be used as a decorative light for your home.

Dried flowers Cebu local business

 4. Dried flowers from By Elle Ph

One of the Cebu local businesses that people might see this as inconvenient or unnecessary but dried flowers are actually beneficial for us.


Dried flowers are simple yet unique, everlasting flower arrangements that can completely brighten up and also can add character to your homes.


Days are gone of having a beautiful collection of fresh flowers on your living table they are only sad and deflated within a week.


Dried flowers are long-lasting it doesn’t need to be watered, it can be used for event decorations or home decorations, 


It comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes.


Whether it’s for your home or a gift for someone, dried flowers are stunning creations that give vibrance to any place.


Artsy stickers and tapes Cebu local business

3.Artsy stickers and tapes from Makers at Dear Paper Cebu



Almost everyone would agree that creativity is important, in school, in work, and most especially on daily basis. This is for everyone who loves to add a little extra to their gifts or their personal things.


This is perfect for journalling addicts and creative minds who are obsessed with artsy stickers, washi tape samples, card stocks, and more.


Makers at Dear Paper Cebu have artsy stickers from cats to positive quotes to modern Filipino mythical creatures and many more. Their options are endless.


Also available in Makers at Dear Paper Cebu are eco-friendly brushes, florals, wallpapers, and etc.


Adding artsy stickers and decorations to your laptops, letters, gifts, and other things express your character, voice, thoughts, and love.

Empty bottles Cebu local business

2. Empty bottles from Sudlana Ph

We, humans, tend to love travel and bring necessities wherever we go. 


Most of us buy big products such as lotion, perfume, body wash, and etc. We prefer buying them in large sizes because we believe we can save more.


But, you never know when you need small empty bottles for them. You don’t want to bring your entire large-size products wherever you go, right? You need help from small empty bottles to be filled in so we can carry them easily.


Sudlana provides a wide range of empty bottles for lipsticks, perfumes, oils, skincare, and other hygienic items.


Room & Linen Spray | Best Cebu local business

1. Room & Linen Spray from Happy Sleep

Sleep is something everyone should invest in; it is incredibly important for your health.


When you have a good sleep, it gives you concentration, productivity, as well as energy for tomorrow’s another big day.


Happy Sleep aims to provide high-quality sleep products that promote healthy and happy sleep.


They created room and linen spray to help people have a good sleep and relaxation.


Other products available in Happy Sleep are sleepwear, essential oils, a sleeping mask, and etc.


In Happy Sleep, we are not just helping ourselves, but upon purchasing, we are also supporting local trailors and aromatherapists.



This list is usually the products we usually skip while shopping but we badly need to have. We made it extra special as we list these products while giving you an idea of where to find them through our small local businesses.

These are also good as gifts for your manito and manita.

Make sure to buy them and tag us!


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